Foundation Repair and Restumping Contractors in Melbourne

If you have foundations in need of attention, look no further than Better Foundations. When you contact our team for level house foundation repair, we perform an inspection of the site in order to analyse the damage. This allows us to provide customers with a detailed quote outlining the cost of each pin. If you choose to go ahead, a contract is signed and the engineer will inspect the site in order to determine the amount of pins needed as well as draw up plans detailing the depth and position of each one.

Once the plan is received by our underpinning team, we prepare the property for foundation repair. Preparation may involve removing fences, doors and concrete. Once prepped, the holes where the pins will be placed are cleaned out and inspected by the council. After inspection, concrete is placed into the holes while leaving enough room for jacking. Once the concrete is cured, which takes three to four days, our team returns to the site and jacks the building to its original level. The concrete is then placed into the pin holes and our team ensure no gaps exist.

As well as underpinning services, our team performs house restumping and reblocking in Melbourne. To get in touch with restumping contractors, call us today to discuss costs and your preferred time for us to visit.

Leading causes of house foundation problems

As foundation damage is often a slow process, it can be difficult to spot on your property. Once you see signs of damage, it is important to contact experienced underpinning or restumping contractors. So what causes the problems in the first place and what should you look for?

A foundation can be damaged when the level of water beneath its centre is changed due to problems such as plumbing leaks or sub-surface water movement. During evaporation, hot wind and heat, the soil dries and shrinks around your foundation and eventually the structure will move and cracks may appear throughout the structure. Significant structural and cosmetic damage can occur, especially if the moisture is uneven.

Fixing the foundation of your house may come at a cost, but it will help with maintaining its resale value for much longer. Our foundation repairs may also be needed due to:

Tree roots – disrupts the soil that is beneath a home.

Leaks in plumbing – excess water can cause damage to foundations.

Lack in drainage

Problems with construction – this can be inferior steel or concrete and can contribute to the foundation’s movement.

Extreme weather conditions – the weather can cause the soil to expand and contract unevenly

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