Frequently Asked Questions!


Q. What is the difference between reblocking(restumping) and underpinning?

A. Reblocking and restumping both refer the process of replace old timber stumps to the new concrete stumps, underpinning It involves digging under an existing strip footing to determine the damage and lay new foundation to support brickwork foundation

Q. How do I know my home needs reblocking, and how much does it cost?

A. You need rebloking if your home has cracked plaster, sticky doors, squeaky or uneven floors the Cost can vary from project to project.
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Q. How long does rebloking take do I need to move from my home?

A. The project varies from home to another it is between 4-10 days, you do not need to move from your home.

Q. What could happen if I don’t reblock my property?

A. If your property needs to be reblocked and it is left as is, then much damage could occur. A property without strong foundations may be dangerous.

Q. Do I need council permission to restump or reblock my property?

A. In most cases a council permit is required before work commences Better foundations secures all council permits on your behalf before commencement of work

Q. Is there any Guarantee?

A. Better foundations give 15 years guarantee on all of our work.

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